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Hey all, I reformatted a computer and things went fine until I updated the video drivers to the latest version then it keeps crashing to default video. I scanned forums and Forumz for information, ran driver cleaner which did do its intended purpose. Tried loading 81.24 and 91.31 on current video card Mx440. Took that one out and installed a working video card from another computer; even tried using the install disk from the 6200 . Could the drivers I downloaded be corrupt in some way? Is it just my dumb luck!!! I had the damn thing working, removed and reinstalled drivers, and now, no drivers work? What can be done?

Iwill xp333r
300 watt psu
pc2700 muskin 512mb
best data mx440 and pny 6200

>Ali chipset drivers are loaded and the BIOS is set to Automatic
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