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Hi everyone. I'm looking to give a raid 0 array a shot... is there any way to transfer the data from my old single IDE drive identically onto a raid 0? The only way I could think of doing this was to take a Norton Ghost image of my old hard drive, set up the array with two new drives, then mount the Ghost image through Windows onto the raid array. Would that work? Or is there any other way to do what I'm thinking? Thanks for any help in advance
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  1. There's a couple methods you can use to do this, but they both suffer from the same problem:

    1. You can use Norton Ghost to transfer the partition (in various ways) like you talked about.

    2. Partition Magic can copy a partition intact from one drive to another, including to the RAID 0.

    The problem comes in if this partition contains your Windows installation. That Windows installation can't boot, because it doesn't have the drivers for your RAID installed.

    If the partition is just a data partition, and you're booting from somewhere else, then it's no problem. You can copy the data partition from the old drive to the RAID, boot your Windows installation, install drivers for the RAID card, reboot, and when it comes back up your data will be on a drive letter just like before.

    Generally, if you want to boot off a RAID, you have to reinstall Windows and install drivers for the RAID during Windows XP setup using F6.
  2. If you have another computer, you should set it up as a ghostcast server and load the image that way. All you would need is a network connection between the two computers. If you don't, then the way you described will work, as long as you set up the RAID array on one IDE channel and the original HDD containing the ghost image on the other. You can switch them back after you're finished.

    As long as there are no driver conflicts, you should be fine.
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