Great prices. Free shipping. No Taxes.


Never done business with them. Anyone have any feedback?

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    DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT!!!! Stay away from them trust me.

    Cheap prices? Sure.

    Free shipping? One can only hope.

    Do they actually give you what you pay for? If you want an example of how successful they are on this claim, do yourself a favor, run out to a pool of water, jab your hand inside it and close your fist. The chances of you having a fish in your hand when you pull your hand out is the same chance buy.com will give you the right product in fast time without hassle.


    Buy.com has an all time LOW rating. 4 out of every 5 customers who buy things from buy.com end up in a huge fit with the customer service trying to get their money back.

    Notable Special Moves Buy.com has in their Spell Casting Specials-

    Super Swap RMA - You place an order. You wait for a tracking #. After about 2 weeks, your order still says "Processing" on the order status page. You finally get furious and say, "Screw this I want my money back." You cancel your order and ask for a refund. How convenient, as soon as you cancel your order, they ship out your product. You call their customer service and say, "Hey what the hell, I don't want it anymore, cancel it and give me my money back". Yeah right, buddy! It'll take you 3 hours of phone holding to finally get THROUGH to a customer service rep. Sure, they'll tell you, "Okay we'll cancel your order and refund", but the nightmare doesn't end there. When you check your order status to see if there's a refund, it will say, "Claim Denied", like it's an insurance agency that has to pass a claim application or something.

    Free shipping? If you're lucky! - Many users have reported, that in an effort to "stoop" buyers, when you want to purchase something that has advertised "Free" shipping, that in the order status page, you have to pull the drop down menu and SELECT the free shipping method. The order page ASSUMES you'd rather pay for the same ground shipping than get it for free. "Well, just don't be lazy and double check your orders before you complete them!" As if it were that simple! My friend ordered a power supply through buy.com. I was at his house watching and he manually pulled the drop down menu and picked "Free Shipping Ground 4-7 days". So yes, he got PAST that obstacle, but did he get free shipping? Nope. I don't know if this is illegal or not, he'll find out soon from the BBB, but on his subtotal before completing the order, buy.com told him his order total was going to be $107.62. After he placed the order, how much was it? $114.83. They charged him shipping AFTER telling him what the total was going to be. That should be illegal if you ask me. He'll find out soon enough. Many other buyers have reported this on www.resellerratings.com.

    In Stock! Yay! Or nay after yay? Or Nay now Yay later? Over all it's YAY for Buy.com's wallet! - They always blame this on "website problems" or "upgrading email servers", but most say, they're just upgrading their wallet. A lot of promotional items on www.buy.com show up as being in stock, but as soon as you go through the order process, you find out it's NOT in stock AFTER you pay for it. They also LIE to you on the phone and say that, "We checked our logs and on our logs it states that the page showed it was out of stock before you ordered it." Wow, how convenient... For their wallet. No big deal, just refund your money right? Nope. Most have reported it takes 2 weeks at the minimum for them to refund your money. So even if they're out of stock, the item you're buying from them better not be something you need fast, because you won't even get your money back.

    There's an internet blog, dedicated to the sole purpose of data-basing all the fraudulent claims www.buy.com makes on RMA's.

    Look for yourself-

    EDIT : Also, their return policy is 14 days, but what's bad about that? The return policy starts as soon as the product leaves their warehouse. So in other words, if a product takes more than 10 days to get to you, you only have 4 days to find out if it's worth keeping. and their return policy also includes weekends, even if their shipping and processing doesn't go past weekends. So if you order on Friday, Saturday and Sunday are taken out of your return period, and your product won't even leave their city until Monday morning.
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