HIS iceq3 x1900xt vs x1950xt/x vs ASUSEN7900GT TOP

Alright guys, after reading articles about Ati's new flagship the x1950 series, i'm wondering should i wait for this card that embraces DDR4 memory. I've also have alternatives, such as the HIS x1900xt, with its great cooling solution that is just quite like the x1950's cooling solution as well. The x1950 states that it will be launched in late august 23-27. The term launched meaning released? In retail stores? I'm not sure, but hopefully it ships in time, (not liek conroe). I have 600$+ to spend and i'm guessing getting a new power supply won't hurt as well. I could purchase a asus 7900gt Top edition and get a new 450 watt psu from ocz modstream. How much will the x1950xt/x cost? I'm not looking into the pro series, however if it isn't a fixed price range that i can't afford, then i might as well get the x1900xt from his iceq3.

How much power does the x1950xt/x consume? Is it even worth the money to get, considering dx 10 cards are gonna come out. It is a sweet card IMO. Is there a major diff between the x1950xt and xtx and the x1900 series? Should i not even bother with ati cards, and perhaps purchase nvidia's curret flagship the 7950gx2? Since 1 of those cards, can out beat 1 x1950xt/xtx... I'm not really sure on what 2 get, but here in canada, prices of cards is expensive.

E.G , a x1900xt costs 500$+, a x1900xtx costs 600$+, a 7950gx2 costs 700$+ and a 7900gt top costs 400$+ all in CAD. I'm thinking the x1950 would just replace the old xt/x prices..500-600 CAD, all retail.., i do not have access to online purchasing.
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  1. as usual the question you need to answer yourself is "how long can i wait"

    If you need a card NOW get the HIS x1900xt (although they are starting to be phased out)

    If you can wait a month like me for the roughly $400-$450 x1950xtx which will be just as/more quiet and cool than the HIS x1900xt then wait

    IF you can wait an undisclosed amount of time for a DX10 card (3 or more months) and deal with the issues of a new product then do that.

    Just answer the question dealing with TIME (when do you need this card)
  2. News to me that the x1900xt is being phased out its one of the top cards out there.
  3. I never said they were going to discontinue the x1900xt altogether

    In the past, HIS which uses the IceQ cooler has stopped or slowed down manufacturing their previous gen of cards when a new card is about to come out.

    So places like Newegg will have a much more limited supply and will frequently go out of stock.

    They will still be around though
  4. My apologies didnt know you just meant HIS. Would be absurd to phase out the best bang for the buck card out there.
  5. Just to provide an example of this limited stock.

    For the past week Newegg was out of stock of the HIS x1900xt.

    Today it was instock.

    When I checked my computer this evening it was out of stock!
  6. I have the MSI x1900xt on the way. was 394.99 with $100 rebate. Awesome card for 294.99. And now its down to 389 with 100 rebate. And MSI has 3 year warrenty which is also plenty. I dont think the HIS is worth the extra 60. Unless theres something im missing.
  7. hmm.. you missing something BIG

    The HIS products have an IceQ cooler (x1900xt has the IceQ3)

    It is so much quieter than your MSI leaf blower fan and it cools more efficeinty allowing for greater overclocks.

    Its definitely worth the money.
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