Looking to purchase a new laptop with Merom... When ???

I am starting school soon and will be needing a power cpu to run my apps. I'm heading into the Recording Arts program and will need plenty of CPU power and memory.

1st question: When will we see Merom cores for laptops available?

2ns question: Who would you reccommend to buy a laptop from? I've been looking at Dell, Falcon NorthWest, Alienware (basically dell), and then this other site that was reccommended that looked pretty good actually... www.killernotebooks.com

Although I know of no one who has delt with these guys. Has anyone had any experience with them? Anyways to run audio production applications on a laptop (when a desktop configuration isnt an option) would you guys reccommend the next Merom core or go with something else?

Thank you very much for all your input!!
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    1st question: When will we see Merom cores for laptops available?


    Nobody is sure. Merom is only 20% faster than Yonah, but the big reason for getting it is 64-bit support (thank you Autodesk for releasing a 64-bit Maya!)
  3. Like voxel says, availablity isn't really determined. Shipments are suppose to start at the end of the month and ramp up quickly. And merom core are probably only closer to 10% faster clock per clock than current core duo's, and model availability is unknown. Merom should hit it bigger with intels new platform, which I believe is launching in Dec. AndandTech just put out a good review if you want to know more.

    I would be more concerned about your processor needs. You mention you need a "power cpu." SUre you don't need a PowerPC? Well it seems that everything media related is done on a mac these days. I'd look into a MacBook, if that's so. Dell, HP, Lenovo and Toshiba all make quality products if you're willing to spend the money.
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