Monitor on DVI Cable causes BSOD, but not on VGA.

I have a viewsonic VA1912wb that causes my Windows MCE to BSOD when connected via DVI, but no issues if connected via a VGA cable. I can get into windows with DVI connected in safe mode, or in VGA mode. But if I try to change resolutions or reinstall my Nvidia drive (91.31) the machine Blue screen with a 0x00000050 error in nv4_mini.sys. Any suggestion on how to sort this out would be appreciated. :?
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  1. Further investigation has shown me that the computer blue screens if I have DVI connected to one DVI socket and not the other socket. I am leaning towards this being a graphics card hardware issue although I can't be certain there isn't an issue with the driver.

    Any thought would be appreciated.
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