advice on high quality and fast ink-jet printer

i am looking for high quality and fast color ink jet printer.

The max document size needed is A3+, resolution 2400x12400 or more, price to be less than US$700.

Will be used in printing catalogues, drawings, pictures.

The scanner will be Epson perfection 1650.

Epson has good products but the problem is the printing heads, while HP replaces the heads with every new ink cartridge, but i think Epson's quality is better.

Thank you in advance

wish if there was UnDo in the life
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  1. Then you have to buy a Canon S9000...
    You've got a review about it on THG.

    Vincent Alzieu
  2. there is no printer with a higher resolution than 1200 by 2400.

    my 2 rubles.
  3. No, there is. Or in fact, there will be. There will be the Z65 : 4 800 x 2 400 pixels. But the result is not better than the S900's one.

    Vincent Alzieu
  4. is it by lexmark?

    my 2 rubles.
  5. just looked up that its a canon,


    how can something that has twice as many pixels (per given area)- not have better results than the 1200x2400 printer.

    Given that printing technology is the same.

    by the way, have you seen the test prints?

    my 2 rubles.
  6. The Z65 is coming by the end of the month. It's from Lexmark and it's a 4 colors printer. The S900 uses 6 colors. That's why the S900 is still better than this upcoming Z65.

    Vincent Alzieu
  7. I've got an <A HREF="" target="_new">HP 1220 series</A> and I love it. Maximum print size is 13x19 (super B).

    If you need postscript and/or something a little more heavy duty have a look at the <A HREF="" target="_new">HP cp1700 series</A>.

    - JW

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  8. so no one will comment about Epson?

    i think there is Epson 1290 which i liked the uqality of printing while i was buying the epson scanner from the dealer, but somes do not recommend epson and i do not know why.

    however, now i am thinking either eopson 1290 or canon s9000, but did not make my mind yet, still need some advises for both.

    thanks all

    wish if there was UnDo in the life
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