Fanless case, or dustless case without going into debt?

Hi all, i live in dry sunny southern california and my last case was a antec with one of those metal filters and man i have to clean that every two weeks or so so much dust in the air and yes i keep it off the floor.

So now that im looking to build a new system, geting a new case my top priority is geting a case that can be as dust free as possible, i dont really need water cooling but if water cooling would allow all fans to be off to stop the crap from being blown in id consider it. i wouldnt mind spending a bit extra for a really nice filtered case or somthing that really does keep the dust out.

Any reccomendations. realizing my main proirity for the case is only dust but i dont want to spend a fortune.

Thanks for all those who respond!
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  1. Even with a water cooler you're going to have to have a PSU fan. I don't think there are any standard P/S's without fans. Not having any case fans would cut down on the amount of dust that gets into the system though.

    You know, if you're getting that much dust build up in your computer you might think about getting some air purifiers. You're breathing the same air that is clogging those filters...
  2. ok then can anyone suggest a good well filtered case, i know some cases are wide open to dust like the armor series, im sure there are some cases that have better filtration then others?
  3. If you are pulling the filter now and cleaning too often, then even better filters will have to be cleaned more often as they are removing more dust then what your current ones are doing. Not sure how to help you there.

    The idea w/ filters is to keep the dust out of your case. This means that the will always need to be changed and teh dustier the area, the more often the changing.

    To help you could try to keep the room the comp is in dust-free as mentioned earlier, or you could go fanless (and yes, they do make fanless psu's. Zalman and antec both have them) but to do that you need either sinks and pipes (a-la that zalman case that is one giant sink for everything to pipe to... ~$500!) or water cooling. Even water cooling though has a fan for the radiator, so depending on where that one is you could still have a large dust issue.

    My reccomendation for you is to first just try getting some of the "swiffer" cloths (kitchen floor dust pads) and cut them to fit your current filter bracket. (tape can work to hold them until it is in the case) These cloths are like dust magnets, and will greatly reduce the dust in the case. BUT, you must check them more often as they do clog up fast in a dusty location. I would bet that internal dust is reduced significantly. rock on.
  4. So:

    and for a measly $330 you can have your fanless system. It would also be almost silent, only the sound of the HD, water pump, and billions of electrons whizzing around.

    You would still have a little dust accumulation, any dust that did get into the case would surely settle in the calm, fan-free environment.
  5. this Zalman was not the same model I was thinking of for fanless, but it looks like the "new" version. Same idea though... entire case acts like a heatsink... no fans, watercooling or anything required. All components (drives included) pipe heat to the sides of the case. very pricey though ;)
  6. Coolermaster makes very cost effective, well-built, filtered cases. You can get the Centurian 5 for 35 bucks (after rebate) at Newegg.
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