LCD Monitors - 3 Picked for Comparison - Opinions Please!


I'm planning on putting together a new build with one of the requirements being the need for a monitor. LCDs have drastically come down in price compared to what they were years ago ... they've also seemed to improve quite a bit in performance & quality.
I've never made a purchase for an LCD, and so I have very linear knowledge when it comes to making such a selection. I browsed Newegg's inventory of 17" LCD monitors (res. 1280 x 1024) and narrowed down three finalists. I was hoping I could get some opinions. I know there's a forum more specific to my needs here, but it receives far less attention.

Anyway, the three finalists are:
- NEC Display Solutions 70GX2 Silver 17" 4ms LCD

- ViewSonic VP720b Black 17" 4ms LCD Monitor

- SAMSUNG 740BX Black 17" 5ms LCD Monitor

I plan to put the LCD through fast-paced gaming, photoshop and other imaging applications, some video editing software, and probably an occasional DVD.

Thank you!

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  1. i got this monitor and im in love with it....and its 2ms for approx. the same price as the ones listed
  2. This thread disappeared quickly! 8O

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