Unlocking 7900 Series by Sodering.PS update VGA charts!!!

Well There used to be mods that when companies lazer cut conections users would just soder them back to enable multipliers and so on ,One might remember from the Duron procerssor .

My questions is this to the pros. Can the Pixel unit on the 7600gt be sodered back to a working link? or are the pixel units directly on the chip? therefore making it imposible to accomplish.

7600gts are 10fps slower than 7800gt and 20 fps slower than a 7900gt. 7900gts cost from 280 to 340 .7600gt sli cost 340 and is 20 fps faster than a 7900gt and faster at high resolutions.

ps. and tom plz update ur interactive vga charts !!! tnks
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  1. I dont want to go into massive detail why you cant', becuase I very well could. Just to be simple, its not happening....dont even attempt.
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