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hellooooo everyone

my A643000+ is dead and i need a new pc, i built my last pc myself and im gonna do the same again, problem is i know nowt about intels and i havent been watching what has been happening with pc components recently.

i use my pc for gaming (mostly CS:S) and for uni work, incl. 3D CAD and some other pretty hardware intensive engineeringy programs.

first off i realise it would be best to way for cheaper mobo's but i kinda need a new pc now (in the next 3 weeks anyhow).

im looking at:
- E6300/400 - havent finalised budget yet
- Geforce 7600 gt/s - again depends on budget
- Abit AB9- simply because it is cheaper and i know Abit make good mobos; has anyone got any other suggestions?

now heres where i have problems:

PSU: ive got a 450Watt antec smart power PSU in my old system. will this be sufficient? ive read about conroes and i realise that they are pretty efficient but i also realise this power supply is a bit poor (came with my case: SONATA II)

RAM: ive got some GEIL Value pc3200 ram in my old system. will this be ok till i save up some more cash for better RAM? or do i need to go DDR2? if i do need to go ddr2 has anyone got any budget orientated sugggestions?

i'll be keeping the SONATA II and my drives from my old PC

Any suggestions would be gratefully received :D

cheers in advance.
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  1. i havent heard of a conroe and ddr bein compatible so it looks like your gonna have to get some ddr2

    as for the PSU you should be able to sqeak by with it but i wouldnt plan on overclocking with it
  2. Alright lets take a look...

    Based on the components you mentioned this looks like you have a tight budget, so far the components you have are pretty good

    If you are a overclocker then i would go with the E6300, it easily overclocks and can give you top of the line performance, if you dont oc then go with the E6400, also i guess this depends on your budget but with only using the stock heatsink you can reach good levels by OC'ing...

    If those are the components your going to use then that 450W SP should be fine, since the 7600GT isn't a power hungry card everything will be just dandy

    Your PC3200 ram will not be compatible with a Core 2 Duo motherboard, so i will offer two suggestions, i would strongly recommend DDR2-800 with 2GB of ram but if budget is tight the are some low price options...

    you could go with DDR2-667, but i would go with DDR2-800

    here are some DDR2-800 options

    G.SKILL 2GB (2 x 1GB)

    G.SKILL 1GB (2 x 512MB)

    As far as moderate overclocking you should be ok with this ram and mobo, the psu will be fine

    if you want to overclock to 2.4GHz or above then i would have to recommend some Corsair XMS ram, like DDR2-800 with 4-4-4-12 timings...and also a better mobo

    but thats pretty expensive stuff...

    let me know how this fits your budget and we can go from here
  3. IcY18: some great suggestions there thanks mate. im gonna search around for some of that RAM for sale in sunny england. might end up going for a similar spec different manufacturer though.

    As far as OCing goes; its something i will try and would have tried with my current system if it were stable at normal clock speeds. i dont envisage me being a "hardcore overclocker" but i may squeeze a bit more out. i will probably save up for a PSU though and take it more seriously a few months down the line.
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