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Alright, so I've just gotten a new computer, and I got a TV tuner card to go with it. Here's the problem: I can see a picture, but I've got no sound. THis is what I have:

I've plugged the adio cable into my audio input jack, (and this is probably a very stupid question), but how do I get sound out of my speakers? =/
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  1. You have to select sound input/output device from your tuner's software. I don't know about your product, but in mine, I was asked for it during initial setup.
    Check for some audio configuration options within your software.
  2. Check your sound card settings - Ensure that the usual inputs are not muted (i.e. Line In, Mic, AUX IN, CD IN, Stereo In).
  3. haha, I just didn't turn up the volume on the line in so I could hear it... It's not in the sound controls by default. I knew it was something like that. Stupid me. =/
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