How to make a DVD backup

I just bought a DVD burner. I want to know what I would need to make backup copies of the movies I own. Do I need to buy a special software?
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  1. I use 1ClickDVD Copy and AnyDVD together to back up pretty much anything.
  2. the afterdawn forums are excellent in find tons of fixes for problems in certain movies.

    but i usually have no troubles using

    DVD Shrink... to rip and i run ANYDVD in the background which will allow shrink to rip more freely because anydvd takes away the disc privacy blocks and whatnot. excellent place to start.
  3. i use anydvd and nero 8) the best
  4. yea well i mean. You can have several apps in there. I recommend having multiple because what 1 program will have trouble with another program will be able to get past the copy protection.

    AnyDVD is a must.. DVD shrink is just simple and has some nice settings you can change.

    DVD Fab Decrypter is another ripping app but will not compress

    RipIT4me is another app like anyDVD and this has actually gotten past copy protections others wouldn't.

    So the more apps the better i' think... I'm up to around 1200 movies.. I think i can say im some what experienced in this field lol. gotta love netflix.
  5. dvd shrink sucks big time, anydvd is much better, plus nero makes 1:1 copies and/or dvd9 to 5 8)
  6. anyDVD is better?

    you obviously are a noob to the burning world.

    AnyDVD and DvD Shrink are totally seperate applications.

    Anydvd just runs in the back and does nothing else.

    it doesn't rip or compress the dvd. it's there simply to get past the copy protection.

    and nero is used for BURNING.. why are you even bringing a burning application into this lol.. you can use any burning program once it's been ripped and compressed to your proper desired size.

    Read up some more before you post on something you don't know about.
  7. LOL, anydvd does rip dvd's but only 1:1 copies, plus i only mentioned what works best for me!!! i use anydvd to disable protection and nero to rip 8)
  8. Quote:
    gotta love netflix.

    AND Blockbuster :lol:
  9. Straight from the any dvd website..."AnyDVD works in the background to automatically remove the copy protection of a DVD movie as soon as it's inserted into the drive, allowing you then to backup the movie using a DVD backup tool such as CloneDVD" or in my case SHRINK

    You need a tool to RIP, anydvd doesn't rip, you must have some Top Secret SlySoft edition written for you only.

    Also in the FAQ section of AnyDVD -

    "Will AnyDVD copy my movie DVDs?"

    "No. AnyDVD is a driver that decrypts the inserted DVDs in the background. Windows and all third-party software will not find any region restrictions or encryptions on your DVDs"

    not sure what 1:1 copying your doing, but it sure isn't with anyDVD.

    For the original topic starter, any other questions dealing with this you can PM me.

    and i never used blockbuster online before, but i know netflix is pretty damn good, been with them since its opened. and now they even carry BluRay and HD dvds..and has every title i ever wanted + pretty affordable prices and the shipping speeds are pretty good.

  10. Straight from the any dvd website...
    New: Added "AnyDVD Ripper". This little tool repairs defective DVDs
    while copying them to your harddisk. It can be started from the menu of
    the AnyDVD fox icon. It can be started as a stand alone application from
    the start menu as well, so it can be used even if AnyDVD is not registered and the trial period has expired.
  11. where aare you seeing this?
  12. Slysoft is partners with ClOneDVD... they wouldn't make there own ripper and still advertise for CLONEDVD

    lol your accessing some weird site or your making this shit up lol

    but im done posting here lol


  13. i'm done as well,
    btw, it's from slysofts' official cite

    Assman 8)
  14. For starters you`l need a decryptor to remove the copy protection, I use AnyDvd which runs in the background as a driver it also can be used to rip a whole movie to a desktop folder, then you need a program like 1Click, 1Click Pro, CloneDvd2, Nero, so you can burn it to a blank dvd. There are a bunch of programs, some come with free trial periods so try some out before you buy to see how well it works for you. I personaly use AnyDvd with 1Click or 1Click Pro for most of my back ups, for when I do a back up that is less then 4.3gb or doing a back up onto a Dual Layer disc I use CloneCd. I also have CloneDvd2 which is also a good program. I use 1Click program the most as it is quick and easy to use, for more advanced controll I either use 1Click Pro or CloneDvd2, it doesnt hurt to have multiple burning programs, 1Click also has an excellent and very helpfull forum for when you have questions or problems. Another thing that helps with backing up your movies is using quality media like Verbatim and the best Taiyo Yuden. Another good and friendly forum is Ultimate DvdR forums.
  15. hi.
    only 2 things you will need.
    anydvd and clone dvd.
    nothing else.
  16. Do you use CloneDvd2 by Elby or Clone Dvd by Dvd X studios? I tried that Clone Dvd program and wasnt impressed with it not to mention that it seems to me that they kind of ripped off the name by making it almost the same as CloneDvd2.
  17. hi.
    use clone dvd by elby labs.
    now from
  18. Obviously there are many ways to do this. Over the years I have found that the website has the most complete tutorials of how to backup, recode, and otherwise manipulate your DVD's. They also have links to some of the free programs you might need.

    I choose to use DVDDecrypter to copy the files from DVD to HDD. Then I use Nero Recode to take recode the movies (make them small enough to fit on a single layer DVD) and then I use Nero to burn them. Works like a charm.

    Using my AMD X2 system the whole process takes about 25 minutes/DVD. Copying files takes the longest and I only have 8x media so burn times run about 10 minutes or so.

    - Deadeye

    Aim high, shoot the eye.

    Btw... check out
    My boss bought some wicked energy drinks from them. Late night gamin' never tasted so good.
  19. AnyDVD with clone DVD work great....

    as for the fight.... yes AnyDVD will copy a DVD is a 1 to 1 way.... as in a 7 gig DVD will be 7 gigs.... to transcode it to dvd 5 (DVD+R and DVD-R) use CloneDVD

    But i think DVDshrink is free(i think.....)...and so people use it.....
  20. yea i just seen the new addition.. it's only been on the app for around 6 months or so.

    But for the guy a few above, yea dvd decrypter is also a nice application.

    I switch between shrink and that depending if there's any read errors. But paird with the anyDVD running in the background i've never had a problem.

    The main thing is try a bunch and see what you like to use. I personally like shrink, it's easy and has some nice features. ripit4me is also another nice application.
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