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HELP!!! I have a huge set of prblems. First popups. Even when i'm not on the net there are about five or six that come up. i've tried many programs and none work. Next on websites there is a delay between my action and the implementation of that action by the computer. The scroll bar may as well not be there. and even now there is a delay between my hitting the key and the display of the text on the screen. this is one of two machines on a network using a linksys router. the router has been switched out and the cable company called in to alleviate the problem. nothing has helped. I need advice asap. thanks.
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  1. For the popups, I think if you turn on your Windows firewall, that should solve it.

    Can't help with the rest.

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  2. <A HREF="http://www.crazybrowser.com" target="_new">Crazybrowser</A> is pretty good for popups. It has other cool features too.

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