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So my HD died a while ago, used an old slow laptop drive I had around, restored my Windows 7 to it. Grabbed the cheap deal on the Windows 8 upgrade and upgraded. Now this hard drive is slow and driving me nuts and I don't want to go through the whole install 7 then upgrade 8 again and I have my 8 pretty customized now and don't want to start over, so what is a good software to clone the boot drive to a new HD I have.
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  1. GHOST
  2. I should have specified FREE software. I'm not going to spend $80 to clone my drive, I'll reinstall instead on the new drive and deal with the time for $80 for something I'll use once.
  3. That has a link for some free ones, but I am not sure which one's support Windows 8.
  4. I used EaseUS Partition Master home Edition (free) a while back to clone my laptop HDD and install an SSD with no issues, other than needing to format the SSD before cloning the HD data to it.
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