Widescreen LCD Monitors or 4:3? Which to buy?

I have a few questions. I am building a new PC, mostly for gaming, but a midrange PC (entry level Core 2 Duo or X2, still deciding), and I'm looking to have complete system with monitor for no more than $1200. I was looking at widescreen monitors from Acer and Viewsonic basically. First I would like suggestions, for both Widescreen and regular aspect. Second I notice that a lot of the resolutions for Widescreen monitors are not standard resolutions listed with most video cards. Is that a problem? Would I be better off just getting a regular aspect LCD monitor. Any input would be great, I just want to be able to make an educated decision.


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  1. If you are planning on gaming or watching films you are better off with a high end CRT imho...

    For instance, This is well in your price range :)
  2. I'm really going to pass on CRT, plus I'd like to stay around $200 instead of $400, thanks.
  3. At any price point you'll probably get a better-quality non-widescreen than widescreen because widescreen commands a premium. There are good w/s monitors out there though.

    Not all games support w/s resolutions so if there's a game that you like, check whether it supports w/s. Any modern video card will support w/s resolutions for your Windows desktop but some games only have fixed lists of res's that you can choose.

    Personally I'd go for w/s because it's a much more natural aspect - after all, your eyes are widescreen. With 4:3 you tend not to take in everything on the screen at once.

    Here in the UK several places are selling 19" w/s monitors for 120 UKP, which is about 70 USD. At that price they don't have DVI inputs but I know two people who've bought them and they're both very happy with them.

  4. Thanks for the info, I've read really good reviews of the Viewsonic 1912, and it only retails for $200 here in the states and has DVI. My friend bought a same price point Acer without DVI and it still looks great.


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