3D mark 06.

I was going to run 3D mark 06' ans was curious what is a decent score on current hardware? Here is my set-up:
A8N32-SLI deluxe
AMD 3500+ 2.2gb
EVGA 7900gt KOx2 (SLI)
2gb Adata Vitesta gaming ram
WD 250gb HDD w/16mb cache 7200.9 rpm
BenQ DVD combo
Enermax LIberty 500w PSU
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  1. I'd say between 6000-8000. Check the ORB first, though.
  2. hey prozac i just got a second 6800gt for sli
    i have been wanting sli for a year now
    my 3dmark05 score went from 6020 overclocked
    to 9000 sli stock. and so did my temps lol.
    no actually the temps are too hot for me.

    but i read this post and am going to run 3dmark06
    right after this post.

    so look for a nuclear explosion in the okla. area lol.

    oh hey wookie i ran a 3dmaork06 of 3230 with one 6800gt
    and i will post back to see what your score is.
    i am going to try it now with sli
  3. i ran it and my score and setup are in my sig. according to people here in the forums there are ways to optimize computer to score a little higher , but i just ran it right after i installed it. i almost forgot to say that your score should be close to mine from what i here the 7900 gt's are a little faster than 7800gtx but my cpu should score a little higher putting us close. but run it and post i'm curious now
  4. My 3DM05 score is in my sig. It's an old score, from when I was still using a P4 and a proprietary HP board. I haven't been able to match it with this CPU and board, and even if I did, I couldn't post it on the ORB because the NIC failed on my motherboard.
  5. I felt like 3D marks beat up my CPU and stole it's lunch. My score was 5465 which I thought was pretty good, but when I ran 3DM03' I got 22472. I am looking to upgrade to dual core here very soon, since the price drop. I was thinking x2 4200 or 4400.
  6. I scored 5014 on my system... is that normal? Seemed a little low to me, but maybe not.

    Athlon 64 3700+
    1GB Kingston DDR400 Dual Channel
    Radeon X1900XTX
  7. That does seem quite low.. I get around 5200..
    My specs:
    P-D 805 @ 3.6ghz
    2GB DDR2 667
    7900GT @ 500/1500
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