What the hay? An intake fan in the back?

Hey boys and girls
Just bought a Lian Li PC-60APLUSII...4 fans, front, side, back, and top. I would figure that back one would be an exhaust for the cpu fan to blow out...But after reading the directions its actually an intake fan.


So they want to take in air in the back, and spit it out the side? Does that make any sense? I was about to unscrew it and turn the fan around, but then I just figured I'll get some temp readings, then switch and see what they are and let that be the deciding factor. Anyone else have this case and have noticed this?
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  1. it makes sense, most CPU HSF push air down onto the mobo
  2. Negatory I have the

    Blows air forward/backward, in my case it'd be straight out the back. It would only make sense to have another fan right next to it pumping out the heat.
  3. when i was refering to HSF, i meant ones that were mounted with the fan facing the side panel. ie: stock heatsink

    in your case i would flip the fan.
  4. I installed a Arctic Cooling Freezer in a Lian-Li PC101 (inverted) today. Having the intake on the back means the air across the CPU is cooler, which is a good thing.

    I had to reverse my cpu cooler to go in the same direction as the intake, but considering how much air the intake moves I could just take the fan off the CPU cooler, and it would probably work better.

    It was a very tight fit and for a while I thought it wouldn't work. I had to use tweezers to move some of the wires, and the rear intake fan had to be removed to install the heatsink fan. Also if you do this, remember to plug in the 12V CPU power before you install the heat sink.
  5. Hot air rises. The other fans would blow air in forcing the already rising hot air out faster.
  6. So it looks like I habe two choices:
    A) Reverse the back fan, making it spit air out and having the heatsink fan do the same or

    B) Leave it the way it is, and have the heatsink fan bblow the heat the OTHER direction, towards the middle of the case, and hope that the hot air will go out the top fan or side fan.

    Hmmm...choices choices....
  7. I bought the PC-60B Plus II, great case. Same as yours except in black instead of silver.

    My fan came as an intake too. I originally switched it around to act as an exhaust, then tried it as an intake, and then I decided to go back to exhaust. My temps dropped about 5C when it was an exhaust fan.

    My CPU is still running really hot though - it idles at around 50C, full load around 61C. Granted, it's been really hot here the past few days, but still...it's a little disconcerting.
  8. Hm yeah that is hot...what kind of cpu fan.heatsink you using? Thanks for the info man, you saved me from doing the test myself! :-)
    I'm also thinking about modding the case. I only have 1 DVD drive so there's plenty of room up there in the drive bays...I'm thinking about mounting another 120 mm fan intake up there, drilling some holes/slots in the spare drive covers and voila! 2 intakes in the front and 3 exhausts! Seems like it should be a damn wind tunnel in there,
  9. Looks to me like it is designed to feed cold air to the video card, I'd leave it as is.

    Is the CPU duct designed for a fan on the back of the case as well? That's an intake also.
  10. I'm using the stock HSF with Arctic Silver, on an AM2 platform. Check the sig for my specs. I've had no problems with it overheating, so it's not like it's underclocking itself or stalling. It's well within specs, but I'd prefer it to be a little cooler (like maybe 20C cooler or so...). Next year when there are more AM2 coolers out I may replace the stock HSF with a new one, but I'm still deciding.

    The fan in the drive bay idea is a good one, but it won't work for me, i have 3/4 bays full :)
  11. It does makes sense as most heatsink/fan pushes air towards the cpu. This fan intake and the air funnel directs cool air to the heatsink fan to further more cool the cpu. But if you don't like this setup then you can just simple remove the air funnel and place the fan backward and would now becomes an exhaust fan.
  12. This link will describe the process and even shows demo for it.

  13. I just got it all together

    Gigabyte DS3
    Conroe 6300
    2 gig of Corsair 800mhz

    She's idling at about 46 C with the fan acting as an exhaust...that sounds hot for a conroe doesn't it? Maybe I'll try it as an intake and see what happens. Anyone got a good program for monitoring temps constantly? CPU-Z doesn't do temps does it?
  14. It's been around 90F in the house for the past few days. Yesterday was cooler, closer to 80F, but still pretty warm.

    Next year, I think I'm going to upgrade to a new CPU cooler, maybe the Zalman AM2 cooler.
  15. http://www.xclio.com/a380.htm

    Thats all the fans you need...

    HSF, just get the Tuniq Tower... best thing there is. The Zalman's are nice, but Tuniq Tower, Scythe Ninja, and Arctic Cooling Freezer are marginally better...

    About the case though.. I never ever used a back fan as intake... but I guess you could totally reserve the flow of a case. Front fans as exahust, rear as intake, dunno how well that would work though. Probably heat up your HDD's quite a bit... unless you mount a Vantec Tornado up top and just vent everything through the top... shrug
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