Driver Mini DV 80S Camcorder for be webcam

iwant to use my mini dv fo webcam but i can't because i haven't driver for intallation
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  1. Is it the webcam on it or do you have a USB based webcam?
  2. Windows XP and above should work as a standard video for windows capture device if you are using the DVI/FireWire/IEEE1394 Cable and interface (Linux, MacOS & OSX can use it as a video input device aswell without any drivers).


    Oops, just realised its not a FireWire Camera, sorry.
  3. Unfortunatly it look like your gonna have to email them for the drivers:
  4. hi, hairystuff. i got this MD80 but i have no idea how to capture JPEG images with it. do you know? thanks.
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