D975XBX little help please...

Intel D975XBX AA D27094-304

So Everytime I try to install a fresh copy of XP I get the BSOD, teh one you get while trying to OC or run toght mem timmings while istalling XP. I've tried two different type of memory both OCZ DDR 800 Platnum 4-5-4-15 and Corsair PRO XMS DDR 800 5-5-5-15. I am using a 820 D CPU until I get a C2D.

I have done some searching and teh only solution that I have found is using a copy of XP with SP2 on it. Do I really need to buy a new copy of XP to use this board? I think I'd wait until Vista comes out if that is the case. I find that so hard to believe.

Any advice?
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  1. no. find a program called NLite, this will allow you to "slipstream" sp2 into your copy of XP and then you burn a new install disk, and it will work like a charm.
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