Help my monitor won't recognize DVI adapter

I have a syncmaster 950b 19 inch and just got a 9700gtx and my monitor stays in standby mode with when I plug in my adapter, haven't plugged into the card yet. I have plugged it into the card and powered up and it still stays in stand by mode.
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  1. What kind of adapter are you using? How many pins does it have, in total?
  2. I have the exact same problem with my SyncMaster 171P. I have dual monitor, so my CRT is fine when this happens almost every time I boot my computer. I found out that if I right-click on my desktop and go to Properties -> Screen Saver tab, select a 3d screen saver, hit preview, let it run for a couple seconds, then wiggle my mouse... sometimes I have to do this up to 10 or so times for it to wake up my LCD using my DVI port. Super gay if you ask me.
  3. I have a similar problem with my old P780 Dell Trinitron monitor. I just updated to a EVGA 7900GT card, and it won't recognize my monitor is there. Weird thing is that when I installed Win XP for the first time, it worked fine with the default windows video drivers. It wasn't until I installed the newest NVIDIA drivers that my monitor loses signal and goes into standby mode. I started going back though the archive of NVIDIA drivers that I had saved thinking it was a driver issue. Still no luck unless I uninstall the drivers completely and it works fine again. Something else weird, if I start the computer with my wife's Samsung LCD using the same DVI/VGA converter, windows recognizes the Samsung monitor immediately. If I then unplug the Samsung, and plug in the Dell after windows is up and running, the Dell monitor will turn on and work normally. If you then go to the NVIDIA display properties, it shows up as a "default monitor (disconnected)".

    I also thought it might be an issue with the resolution/refresh being out of my monitor's range at first, but I have it set as low as it can go and still have this problem.

    I also tried getting the monitor drivers from Dell for the P780, and installing them, but to no avail. So currently, I am using my wife's LCD and she is using my CRT, but I would really like the Trinitron back.

    I've tried using different DVI/VGA converters with no luck. I know none of the pins are bent, and the monitor works with my old 6800GT card with VGA port.

    I know there are 3-4 pins used for monitor recognition, and I am wondering if they aren't actually wired to anything from the plug to the monitor. The DVI-VGA adapters are the ones that came with the card.

    Any ideas other than buying a new monitor?

    Relevant system specs:

    EVGA 7900GT
  4. Hi guys I'm having problems connecting to a second monitor as well. The thing is, my dell 700m no longer recognizes a second monitor at all when I go into properties --> settings. I have installed all the drivers for it as well, is anyone else having the same problem? I had reformatted the computer using korean windows xp for my dad, our toshiba runs fine w/the the korean windows xp and can support dual monitor features, but for some reason my dell is not. any help? not sure if the poster here is having the same problem.
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