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Its video card shopping time for me. I am wondering which video card to go with for a display that won't be running any higher than 1024 x 768. This is a gaming rig, mind you, with 2 gigs of ram and a e6600. Please respond ASAP, so that I can order ASAP
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  1. 7600GT or X1800GTO are mid-range. 7900GT or X1800XT would work also.
  2. I would have to agree here. Avoid the following cards as they'll be out of date by the time you get them. Don't consider the money you would save by going for an older or slower card, just avoid anything using:

    GeForce 6 series
    Radeon x700, x800 or x1600

    The 7600GT cards are excellent value-for-money and if you're running at 1024*768 then they'll run just about every game with all the settings on max.

    The x1800 card series may be a little older than the 7600s but are also very good value. Everyone I've asked says to spend a little extra and go for an x1800 but I don't think that a gamer using 1024*768 would see any performance differences at all.

    Everybody's been ranting about how now is the wrong time to invest in a graphics card because of the directx 10 advent, but they're wrong. Directx 10 cards will be expensive when they come out and I don't see that the mid-range cards will lose much value because there won't be any directx 10 games, not immediately, just patches for older games to use better shader effects, perhaps. The perfect time to buy a graphics card will be 6-7 months after directx 10 comes out, but who wants to wait until then? I say go for a nice 7600GT card and be happy with it. BFG's 7600s are a little overclocked so they'll last you a little longer. There are probably other manufacturers who sell pre-overclocked units, so set a reasonable budget, pick a card and I reckon you'll be very happy.

    I would advise you of shops/offers but I don't live in America as the majority of the forum users do. I would recommend you ignore any rebates, however because companies are slow and unreliable when it comes to giving you back the money they promise you. Any other questions?
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