howd u do that

well ive nver overclocked a pc before and am really considering it after my warenty is done. but i dont know how and i was just wondering if u could tell me the steps to just find the menu that u can see how fast ur CPU is running for example see the picture below.

so how do u get to this screen(or menu what ever u want to call it) from the main desktop.

**i know this is a pretty vag post butt if u know what im getting at can u help me please**
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  1. It's not a menu in's a program called CPU-z (look on the title bar of the picture you posted). Just download it off the net.
  2. Yes download CPUZ an alternative is to right click on My Computer and hit properties than on the general tab you can see what proc and freq you have.
    But get CPUZ it's way better. Get everest also it can tell you your whole system spec.

    When you get those programs post some pictures and we will help you overclock it.
  3. Definitely too vague!!

    You need that screen to show us, also if you are running branded machine it will be very hard due to limited bios, hence i cant overclock. Must be custom build/ Alien really
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