Why wont my 64 bit explorer work it says ip address is duplicated

I have windows explorer 64 bit and 32 it wont open on the 64 bit anymore and it says two computers on my network are using the same IP address? I just use my laptop at home and my daughter uses hers but it seems to think that the 32 and 64 bit explorers are working off different laptops maybe? the 32 works ok though it is really slow. can anyone help?
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  1. sounds like you have something which has an IP statically assigned.
  2. Reboot and see if your IP address changes and lets 64bit IE work?
  3. What kind of network are you on? Wireless B,G,N? Wired? What speed is it?
    Do you have a router? Wireless or Wired or both? How do you connect to the internet?
    Cable, DSL or other? Does your computer use static IP or DHCP to get the IP address?

    Also include info. about both PC's

    The problem you describe could be caused by several different things depending on those questions.
  4. Just a simple fix!!!
    Plz try restoring the computer to a date IE was working fine.
  5. That wont work the IP needs refreshed restoring to a previous time will only revert changes made by updates, or anthing that sets a restore point.
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