15k Raid 0 disks in Antec P180??


I am thinking of going crazy and setting up a 15k SCSI Raid 0 array. The cost isn't too prohibitive, but my main concerns are 1) Noise and 2) Heat. Do other people run 15k drives in their home computers?

Are they too noisy, or okay? I am mostly concerned with spin noise rather than seek noise. Given that the Antec P180 case is known as a silent case, would it help?

In terms of noise, would the drives get adequate cooling in the Antec P180?
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  1. The 320 scsi drives right?

    No they arnt too loud in the right case. Make sure you have rubber fittings on them.
  2. Hey Mark,
    I have a WD Raptor 10K SATA and 2 Maxtor SATA II 7200's in the SAME case as you want...Antec P180 Performance.....And yes because the HDD's are located in the bottom of the case in a separate compartment, they are indeed much quieter.

    And as Wusy said, with the new Fluid dynamic bearings in HDD's now, they are much quieter. My Raptor is hardly audible EVEN when I have the HDD cage pulled out !!! :D I think what also helps with operating noise is the soft rubber washers that kind of "suspend" the drive and prevent the "metal to metal" contact that normally promotes the noise of any drive.

    As for your cooling question...If you look at the case on Antec's website, the schematic diagram for "airflow" shows you that the air is drawn in from the front (there are side vents surrounding the door perimeter that will still draw air EVEN if the case door is closed) and OVER the HDD's, then it is sucked through a Tri-speed 120 cm mid case fan, then it is FURTHER aided with the PSU fan to shoot it out the back.

    I tell ya I have NOT had any probs with my drives overheating at all. I WILL tell you though that when I game, I always leave the case door open for better airflow. I had a failing Maxtor drive that was dying at one point, and because the lower compartment was SOOOO quiet, I couldn't even hear the "TICKING" noise that it was making. It was only when I brought it to my comp shop where I bought my hardware that they discovered this when they were going over it with the side panel open.

    If you haven't bought the caes yet, buy it now, you won't regret it. I am sure you will also receive other recomm's for other boxes but I can tell you that your money will be well spent on this P180. Just make sure you do your reading, look at your case budget, consider the "appearance" of the cases you have in mind, and then if all else fails, go with your gut !!!!

    Hope this helps bro.

    RIG specs
    Antec P180 PerformanceSeries Mid-Tower Case
    SeaSonic S12 600 watt power supply
    Asus A8N32 SLI mobo AMD N-Force 4 SLIX16 (bios 1103 V02.58)
    RealTek 97 onboard digital 5.1 Surround
    AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ Toledo Core, 2 X 1mb L2 cache (AMD driver w/MS hotfix & AMD Dual Core Optimizer)
    2 gigs of Corsair TwinX3500LL Pro @ 437Mhz 2-3-2-6-1T
    2- BFG Tech 7900 GT OC 256mb in SLI (nvidia driver 91.31)
    Western Digital RAPTOR 74.3 gig 10-K rpm HDD for XP & Apps
    Maxtor SATA II 250 G HDD for gaming, movies, MP3's
    Maxtor SATA II 250 G HDD for document backup (unplugged)
    Sony CD rom 52X
    Plextor 708-A DVD/CD rom
    Logitech Z-5500 digital 5.1 THX Surround 500watts
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