Need Help Choosing Video Card.

I'm going to be building a PC soon, and I was set on going with nVidia, but gamers choice is ATI. I'm planning on having a AM2 X2 3800+ in this system. I was going to buy the nVidia 7900 GT, but I've changed my mind. Does anyone have any suggestions on an ATI card that is equivalent in performance, and price. Your help would be much appreciated.
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  1. X1800XT.
  2. X1800XT or, if you want to save some money, this card which has a $100 rebate which makes it about $40-$50 cheaper than an X1800XT or a 7900GT.

    But I'd still probably go with the X1800XT overall.
  3. X1800XT

    There's nothing wrong with the 7900GT though - the 2 trade blows performance-wise, but the X1800Xt can do AA + HDR, which the 7900GT can't.
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