SLOW DSL connection on XP(but not 2000)..pls help!

Scenario: 1 win2000 sp 4 platform hardwired into a linksys wireless G router (latest firmware) and 1 XP 1.7 Ghz intel platform connected to same router using a linksys wireless g pci adapter card (video cable prevents antenna from going vertical). Both computers share internet (DSL rated at 1.5 Mbps/320Kbps upload).

Problem: The win2000 tests out at the max 1.47 Mbps download speed/300kbps upload speed (using DSL reports web site). (YAY)

HOWEVER, the XP platform tests out at a dismal 166kbps download but still maxing out the upload channel at 300kbps. (BOOO!)

The connection is more than 8x slower than it should be while strangely having no trouble with the upload speed.
The problem includes just trying to file share between the 2 computers. Downloading to the XP platform takes forever. But if I grab a file from XP platform, it goes fast.

Strange behaviour: downloading 1 file may go at 33 KBytes or 50KBytes a second (or some other low figure) on XP. Yet the winXP platform IS still capable of downloading multiple files at same time for a total approaching the max speed of 1.5 Mbps.

(This is definitely NOT a cap on any web server throughput as my win2000 platform was downloading EACH file tested at my full DSL speed limit.near the same time)

Remedies tried.
1) Disabled/uninstalled Zone alarm pro and a download accelerator..Result was no diff (except the downloads were even slower without the accelerator)
2) Tried several adjustments like mtu size/beacon time etc.. As indicated by linksys support. Result was that performance DROPPED another 10%.

3) Moved computer 10 ft away from the router. Result was NO change.

4) Disabled the wireless connection and enabled the built in Intel 100 VE adapter and plugged the cable into the XP platform (using the same cable that my win2000 platform was using). Result was NO difference in speed or behaviour.

5) Removed any unneeded protocols ..In this case it was just QoS.

6) Turned off win2000 platform so that just the winXP platform was running.

7) Triple-triple checked that there was no spyware or other extraneous software running in background.

So I think I have ruled out the connection/ISP/router/adapter (incl..adapter settings) as being the problem...

It seems to me there is something about XP that is limiting my connection but I can't see any settings to fiddle with.

How can I get the max network speed out of XP like my win2000 platform is enjoying???

This is driving me crazy now, so a big

TIA if ya can help end my suffering = )
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  1. after ruling everything out but the XP O/S. I finally found solution at

    i was able to get a small program that allowed me to change some registry settings.

    it turns out that all i needed to do ...was to change the RWIN setting to 39 000 for a 1.5 mbit connection.
    it had been set to 7900 (modem optimization software must have done that i think as default is something like 15 000)
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