Plz help me build an extreme gaming budget rig

Here is my idea -

Cpu - Core 2 Duo E6600

Video Card - GeForce 7950 GX2

Mother Board - a board that is compatible with the video card and cpu, and has room for an additional GeForce 7950 GX2, an it also needs to handle overclocking

Memory - high performance, but not too costly

Cooling - water cooling system that can also cool the video card and possibly the memory if needed, I plan to overclock both the cpu, video card, and memory, however, if I can save lots of money I will be fine with just overclocking the cpu. I do not want a loud cooling system

Tower - I'd like one that is very good for cooling, and it'd be nice if it looked cool too

The rest of the needed components I can take from my current computer.

If someone could offer thier advice on how exactly to build a system like this I'd be very greatful. My goal is to build an extremly powerful gaming rig without the ridiculous price. My goal price is $1500-2000.
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  1. Quote:

    Mother Board - a board that is compatible with the video card and cpu, and has room for an additional GeForce 7950 GX2, an it also needs to handle overclocking

    do you therefore mean sli? that means youd have to wait until the intel nforce 5 series appear or go for a nforce 4 sli chiipset (however nforce 4s dont overclock too well)... or you could get cross fire but then yer buying a gx2 so i guess youd have to get an sli board.
    alas i have put together a system that has a cross fire board but uses the gx2 for around $1600. it uses water cooling even though you dont realy need water cooling to get high overclcoks with c2d e6600. as the fsb is gonna be real high, the clockspeed of the cpu wont be as high though as a P4 so you dont get as much heat.
    hope this helps :)
  2. PSU.....

    Why no mention of a PSU?

    Why people overlook that component so much and think they can get by with a cheap one after investing in expensive equiptment is beyond me.

    You plan on having a 7950 GX2, possible quad SLI in the future and you intend on overclocking...

    Get something with a quad 12v rail with no les than 17amps per or your next post is going to be "Why are my parts failing?" or "Why does my video cut out on me"?

    Antec, Seasonic, Silverstone, PC P& C, Thermaltake, Enermax all make good PSUs that will suit your demands - especially if you overclock.

    Watercooling is near silent, much quieter than aircooling. What you get in this department is going to be based on what kind of budget you will give yourself for cooling. If you want to cool your GPUs and you are going to use one, maybe two 7950s in the future there are, perhaps, only two (there could be more but I am unaware of them) companies who make 7950 waterblocks - I want to say Innovatek and Aquacomputers - and they aren't cheap.

    You don't need to cool the memory if you have good air circulation - I'd cool the northbridge with a waterblock before I cooled the memory - especially with the graphics equiptment you intend on having and the overall OCing you plan on doing. You will work that northbridge.
  3. You call that a Budget Rig?!?!? DO NOT skimp on your RAM or PSU! If your really on a budget look at the AMD's 939 on any nForce MB with SLI. Prices are really good and I don't think they'll last long.
  4. Asus P5W-DH Deluxe for the mobo. $250 bucks, but the best mobo for Conroe right now.

    Corsair XMS DDR2 PC-6400 (2*1gig) You can get it for around $200, and its probably the best memory for that budget.

    Cooling... don't know how hardcore you want to go, but I recommend a custom watercooling kit, or a really nice kit from Swiftech or Danger Den.
    Pump - Laing D5 (also known as the Swiftech MCP655 or DD12V-D5)
    Radiator - Either DD's Black Ice Xtreme II or Swiftech MCR220 Quiet Power.
    Waterblock - Swiftech Apogee or Storm, DD TDX (CPU)
    GPU waterblock for 7950... your on your own. Too much trouble for me.
    Northbridge, either DD or Swiftech (notice a pattern here?)
    Resevoir is whatever you want.
    Tygon tubing, arctic silver 5, and Xerex additive.

    I like the TT Shark a lot, and it works really well with watercooling. The Gigabyte Aurora is real nice also. They both have holes in the back to route tubing for a watercooling set-up. You could also get a Radbox to mount a radiator on the outside of a case if you have no room inside.

    If you need help building... figure that out after the parts...
  5. Oops, editing to remove my irrelevent comment.

    (pretend you never saw this post)
  6. Thank you guys for your help. I didn't realize a good power supply was important.

    I'm not too sure on that video card anymore since I heard DirectX 10 will only work with DX10 video cards. So I'd rather wait for some decent mid-range DX10 video cards because I don't want to miss out on the DX10 goodies.
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