MSI 7600GS 256 MB AGP first impressions

I have just replaced my Gigabyte 6600gt with the MSI 7600gs agp card. I paid $134 before shipping. DOOM 3 and SPELLFORCE 2 look much better.

I have increased the detail in DOOM 3 and the frame rate is much better. It is like a new game. It is amazing how the game was designed to keep giving a year after purchase. You still need a 512 mb card to max out the game.

Spellforce 2 is much better. I have not played much into it so I can't give a full report.. The texture detail and shadows are much more realistic. Frame rate is better and smoother.

The card comes with some cool software for overclocking. I want to know what I am doing before I overclock so I haven't tried. There a desktop software. It is like a mini-OFFICE software. It has a slide show, alarm clock, world clock, search engine, calendar, schedule, and others.

I am satisfied with my purchase. In a few months I will get a water cooling system and overclock cpu and card.
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  1. You should be able to overclock that pretty good.
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