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I have just reinstalled windows 7 and noticed my primary drive where I installed it did not gain any space. 500 Gb. After further investigation, I found a file on the drive that was named "windows.old" In it appeares to be the programe files from my previous install. I am really at a point that I wanna start from scratch. Is it safe to deleate this file?
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  1. Yes, it's safe to delete windows.old. As you said, it's your previous installation.

    In the future, when installing win 7, do a custom install. When you get to the part where it allows you to create/delete partitions, just delete the old windows partition and recreate it. Now when you install to this partition, it won't create a windows.old folder.
  2. Thank you Sir. BTW, I live in Iowa City home of the Iowa Hawkeyes, you?
  3. Ummm, Pennsylvania. :lol:
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