Im helping my friend up grading his cpu but i need help

my friend has a old dell Dimension 8100

i need help finding a processor i can upgrade to.
It is now a Intell P4 1.4 or 1.5 ghz please reply for details.
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  1. I would first suggest that if you need help upgrading a CPU then you aren't best qualified to help your friend (you may be doing him more of a favour by having it done by a technician)

    Anyway, onto the answer.

    There's a 75% chance it is socket 423. Most of the slower - i.e. 1.4-1.6ghz P4s are socket 423, which is now obsolete. You won't find a new CPU for that motherboard anywhere. You may be able to find one on eBay, but I'd almost guarantee there won't be any new ones.
  2. If you could look up the chipset and more importantly motherboard we could all help you much better.(wow my grammar sucks)
  3. It was one of those PCs based on Windows ME and Rambus memory of the early days of Intel's Netcrap architecture. Best solution is to scrap that motherboard altogether and get something more decent and recent (e.g. LGA775 or AM2 CPU, motherboard and DDR2 RAM).
    I sure hope your friend isn't using Windows ME anymore. Microsoft has finally stopped supporting this piece of s***!
  4. I had one of these back in the day.

    The easiest (albeit expensive) way to upgrade is to go to and check out their socket 423 to 478 adapter. You can get it with a 2.8 ghz (400 mhz fsb) Northwood.

    The cheaper way would be to buy a new mobo, cpu and ram. Find something that supports an AGP card.

    It all depends on how complicated you want to get.
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