Need Help, Not quite sure what to do?

Hello fellow friends, I'm in the need of some help. I'm no expert in computing, and therefore i'de like to hear your opinions about my "problem".

Here it goes ;

Well I have a partitioned hardrive (C: and D: and each about 80GB), but i'de like to reformat due to the immense load of "crap" I have stored. Nevertheless I want to keep over my 20GB of Music I have.

I have a Sony VAIO and Would it work if i move all my Music towards D:, and reformat C: ?

What can I do ? Apart from burning CD's ( :/ )

Thank you very much.
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  1. How was the drive partitioned? You should have no problem formating the partition, leaveing D: intact, as long as you have not partitioned via software.
  2. Move everything you want to keep, off the partition you want to format (or want to format first if you're going to do both of them). Do the format, then reinstall your OS (if the first one you format is the boot partition), then move everything over to the newly formatted partition and then format the other one.
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