Need help diagnosing BSOD

This is frustrating the heck out of me, especially since my system seems to be solid otherwise. Once in a while, while trying to reboot (swirly goes round and round), my system will BSOD (swirly freezes) into a watchdog error. BlueScreenView shows that it's caused by hal.dll+22e94, with the crash address being ntoskrnl.exe+7a740. The bug check code is 0x00000133.

Is there anyone who can help me find the problem driver? How do I go about finding and posting the minidump?
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  1. -You can put a minidump on the cloud so someone can look at it with a debugger.

    -this could be a overclock issue where a core missed a interrupt and is basically hung
    waiting for a interrupt that already occurred.

    - driver problem, very common
    - Issue with lazy writes not being confirmed to IO subsystems. (bugs in drive firmware)

    -just too hard to tell without a minidump, even then you might have to go to a full dump to figure out the problem.

    -sometimes you can run powercfg.exe /energy
    to see if some driver blocks shutdown requests.
  2. Quote:

    Really not sure what to do with this one; never seen anyone actually report it before...

    For now, I would treat this simmilar to CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT (0x101) and assume either an underpowered or overheating component. Make sure nothing is overheating, and if you have any OC, remove it.

    Failing that, try running memtest86+ for a bit to see if you have any RAM errors.
  3. System Spec's please, all hardware and age of hardware, drivers used, a snapshot of the system and full error code so I can find what driver is looping
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