What is the Best LCD for Gaming

This is a 2 part question purely related to gaming and dvd playback.

Part 1
I am looking for the most recommended LCD for gaming including the size 19" 21" 22" 24"(Size).
I have read many reviews and many benchmarks ranging from viewsonic to benQ. But still cannot determine the ultimate winner.

Part 2
Widescreen or Not

I am looking for answers from people who are actually usiong LCD monitors currently for gaming in games like WOW , BF2 , Titan Quest ,COD2

Thanks in advance for all the positive replys :D
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  1. i play BF2 on a Viewsonic VX924 19"...and i can recommend it.

    not cheap, but rather good.

    i noticed a change from my previous 21" hitachi crt, the LCD was very slightly fuzzier, but it's native res of 1280x1024 means i use a higher res in BF2 than i could on the old 21"...

    graphically it's good, it's got a 4ms panel so i get no ghosting and, man, have i got my desk back?!

    a 21" crt takes 50% of your desk... :roll:
  2. I have a Viewsonic VX2025wm, the one that was put against the BenQ FP202W. Both are 20" widescreens at 1680 x 1050. The Viewsonic wins, that's the one I have now. I've actually owned both.

    I got the BenQ last month and decided to sell it to a friend. It worked fine for a week and a half, then stopped working. I got a white screen with vertical bars that faded to black. I think it might have been heat damage, because it got really warm. It heated up the room like crazy, and it's not my computer because within minutes after turning the display off the room returned to normal temperatures. Then, all of a sudden, it started working again. So I sold it to a friend, and it's worked for him on a nearly identical system for a few weeks.

    Now I use the Viewsonic, and it's great. Its power comsumption is about half of the BenQ's, so it doesn't get nearly as hot. Its colors are near-perfect, no ghosting at all in WoW, BF2, UT2004, FEAR, Halo, Prey, Condemned, and other games I've tried. And the size is perfect, big enough to make people who see it go "WTF?", but not so big that it takes some getting used to.

    WoW supports 1680 x 1050 natively, and looks incredible at that resolution in widescreen, but most other games like BF2 need a hack. Some are simple, some are more involved. Check out Widescreen Gaming Forum for how-to's on getting games to work in widescreen.

    I find it really useful, and while some games do stretch, the way your peripheral vision works you don't really notice it. And it's much more immersive if you look to the left and right and still see your enemies.

    And you can notice some funny things in some games. In UT2004 at the beginning cutscene with the nVidia logo, you can see the legs of the spider mine on the left side of the screen. I guess they didn't think people would be using that resolution, although the game supports it natively...:lol:

    Widescreen FTW!
  3. I use the View Sonic VX924 too. It's a great LCD for gaming. I play Quake4 and Doom3 and love it. And I too like having 50% of my desk back too... :wink:

    Also: This Monitor has almost the same viewable area as my SUN 21" CRT.
    I highly recommend it.
  4. I would say Viewsonic uses the best monitors. I have a decent Dell monitor right now, no complaints with it + it has a USB hub, but if I could, I would upgrade to at least a VX924.

    But that 30" monitor from Dell looks juicy... =)
  5. Viewsonic is supposedly coming out with the VX2235WM a 22" 5ms 1680x1050 widescreen lcd with msrp $400 this month. The biggest screen for the buck from a company with a good rep what more could you ask. I'm gettin one in Sept. unless there's some horrid reviews about it before then.
  6. i have the 19" benq fp95gx 2ms its a great monitor no complaints plus i got a rebate so it was like 210$
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