Logitech Support for Windows XP Pro x64, or Lack Thereof

Obviously Logitech is dropping the ball by not having x64 support. I'm hoping to install WinXP Pro x64 soon, but i have a Logitech MX700 cordless keyboard and mouse combo...

Obviously the XP drivers won't work??

Does the mouseware software work with x64?

will i be able to use all the buttons on my mouse?

are there any community made drivers for logitech products supporting x64?

Has logitech made any announcement on plans to support x64?
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  2. I could be wrong, but keyboards and mice tend to work at a basic level on 32-bit XP without installing additional drivers so I think they will also work on 64-bit without additional drivers. As long as there are drivers for your USB hardware you should be fine.

    When you first connect a USB keyboard or mouse to XP-32 you get a message that it's found a 'generic HID device' or something like that; HID means Human Interface Device.

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