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like so many others i am building a new system. i would like to have comments and advice.

case : shuttle sn27p2
cpu : am2 x2 4600+ ee
ram : g.skill pc6400 hz (4-4-4-12)
system disk : wd raptor 150 go
data disk : seagate 7200.10 320 go
graphics card : xfx geforce 7900 gt xt + zalman vf-900cu
burner : plextor px-750a

i have been thinking a lot about a raid 1 system as well to improve the security of my data. my search through the forums has almost lead me to abandon the idea.

thanks in advance,

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  1. Maybe I'm overlooking it, but have you selected a motherboard? Personally I am going with the M2N-E by ASUS. I have also selected that G.Skill memory and I am praying it will be compatible. I emailed G.Skill tech support and they said it is, but I'm still leary with all the problems I read about between AM2 and DDR2.

    Good luck
  2. hi,

    i should have been more clear. the sn27p2 is a sff case and it includes a motherboard.

    point noted about the memory. shuttle doesn't seem particularly clear about compatibility either.

  3. Well, right off hand I think it might do your computer some good to also use a Power Supply
  4. Ph, the Shuttle barebones come with a case, PS, and motherboard all designed for each other. I'd be a little worried about having enough power for everything (including the gfx), and also about heat, with 2 hard drives + optical along with a hot video card and fast processor (I'm not familiar with this model Shuttle, maybe it's OK).
  5. Power won't be a problem. The Shuttle PSUs are extremely efficient, and their 400Watt PSU with the SN27P2 will be absolutely fine.

    If you're concerned, you can just e-mail them fromtheir contacts page. I did so regarding the new 300Watt DX10 cards that are planned to come out next year, and they said that their 400Watt PSU's will be fine handling that + a C2D/AMD x2 + hard Drive and Optical Drive.
  6. I would say the system looks solid.

    Nothing obvious seems wrong or incompatible. I've owned 2 shuttle boxes and never had a problem with memory compatibility.
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