Seeking suggestions on OC'ing an AMD X2 4400+ (939) Toledo


Just recieved a new 4400+ from Newegg this afternoon and plan on giving it some OC when I get home. I'm curious as to how high people have OC'd this CPU using watercooling. I have a rather excessive custom water cooling kit, so I'm hoping for a stable 2.6ghz. Anyone achieve this?

CPU: AMD X2 4400+
Ram: Corsair XMS Dual Channel (PC3200) 2 gigs (3-3-3-8 )
Mobo: DFI Lanparty nf4 SLI-DR

Should I burn the chip in for a bit before going for an OC or is it relatively safe to OC out of the box? This will actually be the first "new" chip I have ever OC'd. All the others I had owned for more than a few months.

Thanks for thelp!

I apologize for double posting, but I got no response in the Overclocking>CPU>AMD section.
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  1. I just recieved the same cpu last week......I'm still running it on stock though. I had a AMD64 3500 (2.2GHz) oc'ed to about 2.8 stable on air cooling >110 F with 1.45VCore, so I'm hoping this cpu will give me about the same preformance with a little tweaking.

    I would however, run the cpu for a bit before you overclock. I'm currently on day 7 of prime95 stress test but had to stop because the chipset fan failed (touch and go) on my A8N-sli Deluxe. (I wont be overclocking until I've replaced the chipset fan)

    Even with stock, the 4400 is giving me great speeds with only a 1.3VCore but the temps are already at 95 F which I hope will go down as soon as the artic settles in.

    Give it burn in time (thermal paste needs this) and check your stock 'read-outs'. Oc'ing out-of-box isn't a great idea -- even for watercooled systems.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I too have been running Prime 95 as well for the past day. The system has yet too fail (fingers crossed hehe). I've got everything water cooled (CPU, Chipset and Vid Cards) so the temps have been very nice and stable. Thanks for clarifying if I should OC right out of the box. I kind of assumed it was a bad idea. I'll wait about another week or so and then start stepping it up a bit.

    Msi K8N Diamond Plus
    Amd X2 4400 @ 250mhz
    2 X 1GB Corsair twin X ddr 500 @3 , 3 , 3 , 8 - 1T
  4. I'm interested, there is another thread on this as well. Did you get the ADA or ADV version? The ADV comes without the 4-pipe heatsink, but is a lower energy processor. Does anyone know how well the ADV's overclock. I have an ADA and at 2.38 Ghz is the max. stable I can get with 63C temps at full load.
  5. I have the ADA version of the X2 4400. Currently, I have the cpu OC'd @ 2.41ghz stable w/ water cooling. I have yet to run into any problems. Load temps have hit about 40-41c. My goal is a stable 2.6ghz, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to reach that high. I'll post my results if I can get that high ;).
  6. Lol pogi, have you ever heard of the Print screen key? Why would you use a camera to take a picture of your screen?
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