Can I run OS X and Windows 7 on seperate HD's on same comp?

Just as the title says. I have Windows 7 on a 30GB SSD, and a 2TB HD I keep most of my games and whatnot on. I want to learn Objective C programming and Cocoa Touch for developing Apps. (Would love if anyone had some good resources for getting into that. (Beginner)) But to the point, I need to run the SDK. I can't do that on Windows (I think) and buying a Mac just to learn programming is out of the question. I may be able to build a hackintosh, but I'd rather not. That being said, I want to know if I can create a Dual Boot system where Windows 7 is my main/default OS, and have a SEPERATE Hard drive for the OS x leapord. I've seen some tutorials stating on how to partition ONE drive. I don't want that. I want two seperate drives. One only for OS X, and the other only for Windows 7. Is this possible? I'm willing to buy a 1 TB drive and get it going. Any ideas?

TL;DR- Have Windows 7 and OSX. Want both on my PC without having to partition one drive. Want seperate drives for each OS.

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  1. Have you considered the possibilities of a Virtual Machine? Take a look at

    Start there

    No point anyone here telling you how, what you want to do requires a lot of knowledge, learning and trial and error, you need to go through this process for yourself, to learn how, to understand it better, to diagnose faults with the setup in the future, for the fun of it..

    Trust me.. you will find it rewarding..

    My advice, start with blank HDD'S, that way it does not matter how many times you mess up till you get it right (It will not be the first attempt I can promise that)
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