Build ready to order next friday... Everything ok?

Im upgrading souly to play Oblivion (which doesnt run very well on my 6800gt). I want expandibility for MS vista which I will need to run later on.

AMD X2 3800+ $156
MS rx1900XTX 512mb $446
MSI k9n Platinum 2/nForce570 UMCP. $108
2gb 2x1 XMS DDR2 800 444-12 $255 (2x more w/vista)
X-Fi XM $0
Antec 550watt NeoPower NeoHE $125
HDDs (standard sata 3.0)
Bang and Olufson 2.1 speakers $3200 (donated to me by old lady)
-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- $1165 (thats with tax)
Other question: I realy dont order online for myself and I dont have a shop to send parts to anymore. So what happends if they ship an item and I dont get it? Who is responsibile? they send me a tracking # as they ship it right???

*note Im thining about buying the ATI x1900xtx localy for $450. This includes free replacement for 2 years with an equal product if this one breaks..... and it will break ;). Any problems with this version vs the other? And... would a 7600 video card be a beter buy at this point instead? to play oblivion. (I also run 3 copies of SOF2 at once).
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  1. Thanks. Hopefully it will work out as a lasting system.
  2. im assuming that is an AM2 socket casue u got DDR2 ram
  3. no plans on OC'ing... you gonna use stock cooler or aftermarket or what?
  4. And to answer your question, if you order newegg they give you a tracking number if you order. I haven't ordered from many places but I know they do.
  5. new egg has x1900xtx for $350!
  6. The X1800XT is one fine card for half the price of an X1900 XTX...

    you really a comptia rep?
  7. No I realy dont OC. I dont need a heat engine in my house... its sooo hot already. And yes everything is setup for AMD, so ddr2 is included. And the reason I wanted to go x1900xtx is because I want to play oblivion at 1280x1084 with no questions asked. My current card supports Shader 3.0 which slows the game down too much.

    No, I dont represent Comptia, or any exam standerdizers.

    I will look at the x1800 though. Which maker has the fastest card?
  8. -SAPHIRE-

    or HIS for cooling...
  9. Those are 2 brands I have never used. I wanted to go MSI or PNY (does pny do ATI?). But considering that from compusa I can replace this card for free (the 1900txt) The high price might be worth it. I wont have a supid extra vid card lying around when I upgrade to dx10.
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