Computer Shops that will ship to Spain?

'lo All.

Right, let's get this thing rolling. I have a friend who lives in spain. In the middle of the desert, actually.

He wants a new computer. A great computer. To put it in terms, he has a budget equivilant to $3322 USD. Here's the problem:

Computer retail companies hate Spain. Don't ask me why, I think they're racist ;), but he says that it's something to do with the mail over there not being so great.

So, he's looking for a computer company that will give him a top rate computer in the above budget that will be able to ship to him (By courier, at least on his end). Anyone know any companies that will do so? Thanks!
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    ships world wide, even after paying for shipping it worked out cheaper for me than buying locally, and the computer came with windows vista in English. I would recomend them.
  2. CompuRed-Computers is an English computer company based in Spain and they are friendly and reliable. If anyone can do the job, they can! Their website: and phone: +34 96 676 1647

    This company ships anywhere in the world with International courier, tell him to get on to them and as for a quote.
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