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i just put my new motherboard in s series gap43tes3g gigbyes and just buyed new power supply 1000wat roseweill (which just replaced my 600wat rosewell psu) i got core 2 quad 2.66 8400 with hyperX 8 gb ram 2 sticks and last is my 8800gts 320mb video card...and ofc 1 tb seagate 7200!

not bad system but it wont turn on sence i got my mebo... i tryed 2 power supplys thinking... it wont turn on it has to be psu...
just buyed psu from newegg i get no beeps from the mebo i get no light nothing.... i dont understand???
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  1. You probably hooked something up wrong, re-check the connections. If all the connectors are correct, check them again anyway. If you have no power at all to the system, the power supplies are good (you can try them with another PC to check), the wiring is correct, it's probably a bad motherboard.
  2. i would think the mebo would give beeps or turn on even if its bad...
  3. You should start your diagnosis with the troubleshooting checklist. Click on the link in my signature. Work through every possible step in the checklist. Post back with results.
  4. dreamer64 said:
    i would think the mebo would give beeps or turn on even if its bad...

    Not if you wired the power connectors incorrectly to the case or to the motherboard.
  5. i tryed everything u said 10 times and dont get no beeps no power nothing cant beive i got doa mebo from newegg...
  6. ok so hang ur saying the power connectors are hooked up wrong and thats why it wont start??? and if the motherboard is bad it would turn on but not show anything? and i did go throw that checklist it was helpfull but still nothing happending and my psu is good... think is motherboard i got doa from newegg:( not sure... still doing checks over andf over again....
  7. it wouldnt even run when i took everything out but spu and power lol im like WDF?!
  8. it does happen rma it!
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