Windows malicious software tool, May 2011 found a trojan spyware program Win32/Banker my cptr.
Not found by Norton. Updated daily manually and auto several times per day. Scans Quick and Full regular.
Compromise resulted in email spam out of my hotmail box to address book.
Win32/Banker is searching for account numbers and passwords.

I noted about the same time as the compromise that the mouse was not behaving properly and increased response to max.
After the find and removal, reset mouse to normal settings.
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  1. Is there a question in there somewhere or were you just letting people know what happened? Norton won't capture everything, in fact I don't think there is a single anti-virus with a 100% success rate. If you have this virus you are talking about, try running Avira Antivir to run a system scan, then uninstall it. Or uninstall Norton and use Avira.
  2. Always worth having a free online scanner installed for when something gets on the sytsem and gets pasted your install AV.
  3. hitman pro run it!
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