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If a person were to recive a motherboard from overseas for a build in the US, are there any combatibility issues anyone can think of that would make this a bad idea. All I could think of was that the power supplies needed would be different, but that wouldn't effect the pin configuration on the atx power connectors...would it?
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  1. Probably most boards you find where you live are shipped to the USA at first (at least that's how it works here, companies here buy from USA retailers).

    So no, there's absolutely no incompatibility issues in getting yourself a board from US. :wink:

    Motherboards come both in 20pin and 24pin power pin flavors, make sure it fits your power supply power connectors. If they don't just get an adapter, unless you plan on buying a new PSU (Power Supply Unit)
  2. There shouldn't be any incompatibilities, but the shipping is gonna rip the wallet to shreds.
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