Help! IRQ configuration on A8V Deluxe

I just installed a SATA HDD, but now my sound is screwed up and I think it's because of an IRQ assignment. Right now, my sound device is on IRQ 22, but I think that it's supposed to be on 5. I checked with my manual and that's what a sound card is supposed to operate on. I also checked with other devices on my computer and they use the IRQ that my manual says they're supposed to work on, except for my sound card. How do I change this? I tried going through Windows, but it won't let me and my updated BIOS only allows whether an IRQ is reserved or not and I don't want to enable Plug and Play OS.
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  1. Try this:
    1. Uninstall all the sound card drivers from Control Panel
    2. shutdown and power-off
    3. remove your sound card
    4. boot Windows
    5. shutdown and power-off
    6. insert the sound card
    7. reinstall the drivers (say NO to automatic detection, use the setup program from the sound card drivers CD)

    I don't want to enable Plug and Play OS

    Why not? Enable it, it doesn't cause any problems it works also in dual boot with linux.
  2. Well anyways, I found the problem and fixed it. Thanks for your help...

    PS - I don't like Windows running around with my resources and its doesn't want to either. However, I could deal with Linux doing that...
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