Which storage solution would produce the fastest results?

Which of these storage solutions would produce the fastest Windows/paging file experience? If you can provide specific details of what you think would be fastest (particular products, paging file on one while the OS on something different) and why, please do so. I know there are several different measurements for storage speed (Average Latency, Average Seek Time, etc.) but which will give the best overall speed performance? Please make sure you take all factors into consideration like interface and anything else that can affect the overall speed of a device.
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  1. Since you have SCSI in there why not serial attached SCSI? Or atleast SCSI on PCI-X 133 bus? Configs like striping would need to be a factor. Your poll too transparent.
  2. RAID 0 = striping. SCSI is by itself to represent the general SCSI interfaces. I thought there were too many options on there as it is and if someone picked SCSI they could explain which specific standard like I asked people to. Do you have an opinion PCcashCow? Please vote.
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