Casing color - does it affect eye strain?

This may sound stupid, but I was wondering if the casing color of an LCD monitor (around the outside edge) would make a difference as far as eye strain. I am trying to decide between a black or a light gray casing. It has a thin bezel. Any thoughts about this?
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  1. i think the best choice is to get the color you feel most confortabe with
  2. IIRC, GoSharks would advise you to avoid black bezel monitors for a few reasons. Those reasons include the fact that all black bezel monitors can not be certified as TCO-99 because of recycling issues. Also, apparently the black border when contrasted with a white screen can cause eye strain. Take this as you may, but I would try for a white or gray bezel monitor.

    I hope my memory serves me and I am not making things up but that's how I think the story goes.
  3. Since it is a thin bezel, I don't think it will really effect your viewing in anyway!

    I think you should just go for whatever match your area or turn you on! and if you have real courage! I think you can try to remove the bezel and have it custom paint with the color of your choice! that would be awesome :)
  4. Eviscerate, you are correct.

    You will not find a black (Midnight Gray) monitor that has TCO-99 compliance. The following link to the TCO has the standards the monitors must comply to.

    Click on "CRT Displays" then "Labelling standards" then "Displays (CRT)

    I suggest you read section 1.6 of the mandatory and recommended requirements. I believe this is the test that black monitors cannot meet.

    Televisions are not regulated by the TCO thus they do not require TCO testing. Also you typically view a television at a distance much farther than a computer monitor.

    Most company's require monitors that are TCO-99 compliant to reduce the risk of workman's compensation claims.

    Also I do not recommend painting monitors. Paint is full of metals and other conductive materials that can bridge gaps between high voltage circuits and can damage the unit. Painting will void any warranty you may have on the unit. If you succeed in painting the unit, it will be very prone to scratches even if you use a good primer.

    Good Luck

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  5. I totally agree w/ u on the black color thing (u answered that question some time ago when I asked it). With the painting, one may also mess up and spray on teh screen, which isn't very good.

    Sig of the week.
  6. Very good point about painting and scratches! I just have another stupid idea!

    one of my hobby is rc car, and we often color part of plastic/lexar body/wheel with color dye! the color is not shinny like paint but more dull like! perfect for monitor where you probably don't want anything near the screen that might reflect light!

    any thought on the subject?

    ps: you remove the bezel first before painting the thing!!<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by imo on 03/11/02 04:00 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  7. That's an interesting point imo. The two panels i have at home (LG Flatron and Samsung 151mp) are both a very non-reflective mid-grey. Had never noticed before but they both absorb light very well, making the screen itself stand out.

    Had assumed the colour was just to make them look sexy :redface:
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