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I had Win2k Server installed in my machine with a dual boot win98. I took the hard drive out and installed into an older machine. After a little reconfiguring, the Win98 boot works fine. I can't get the Win2K to boot even in Safe mode. I get this error messege:
*** Stop

The Dual-boot screen comes up, why can't Win2K boot from it??
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  1. Your partitions got messed up after you messed with drives. Win98 is usually on C, so no matter how your drives are, C will be C, that is why you are booting into 98 fine. Just boot into 98, see what partitions you have, blah, blah, find which one has Win2k and adjust boot.ini file to reflect the partition with Win2k, or just boot with win2k CD and repair it.

    Post, we'll do the "search"... :wink:
  2. Yep sounds like you messed up your partitions. Boot.ini is located on which partition? Look in there and see what is what. IE.. # before each type of OS. You might wanna change the Win2k to the number of Win98 and vice versa. See what happens you can always modify it later. Don't remove anything from the boot.ini just the number. Should be 1 + a 2. Microsoft Windows should be one (thats your win98) The other should be Microsoft Windows 2000. Hope that helps you.

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