fesability of E6600 3.6 Ghz overclock

I am getting a core 2 Duo E6600 sys soon (hard not to with all the hype) and i was wondering if anybody knows what the chances are of acheiving a 3.6Ghz overclock and/or what it would take to do so

this is based on the fact that i read somewhere about getting the E6300 to 421Mhz Fsb on air cooling, and somewhere else getting a X6800 to 3.6Ghz on air cooling
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  1. I understand it's possible, with a decent motherboard, and air cooling to take the E6600 higher than 3.6GHz. Of course, individual chips and other parameters will affect that, but I would guess it's not going to be an uncomfortable procedure. I'll be getting mine in a few days, so I guess we will both find out soon enough.
  2. It's not Fesable, Its definate!
  3. im liking those odds
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