I need more power Scotty!-two power supplies in a cm stackr?

Hi all ive been reading and plan on building a amd 4x4 system and going sli, with dx10 cards, i hear from the rumor mill dx10 cards are gona use 150 to 300 watts, so two cards could be 600 watts, well i was looking at the really nice power supplies that are EXPENSIVE, and i saw a cm stacker that has room for two power supplies, so it got me thinking, get the stacker, which is a nice case by itself, get two say 500 watt power supplies which go cheap compared to the 1000 watt ones, and im good, however im not sure if its simply plug and play, if i used this set up and plugged both my vid cards into the lower power supply would there be any hitchs, does hte main connection that goes to the mother board have to be plugged into somthing for it to work as the top power supply would be plugged into hte mother board.

Please only respond if you know for sure, id hate to go this route to find out that the bottom power supply wont power the cards or fans or whatever else i need it for becuse its not first connected to the motherboard or some other issue. also does modular power supplies help or hinder in this???

thanks to all for your help
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  1. there is some wiring involed to get 2 PSU's to work. It is not recommended though.
  2. Luckily, the Stacker comes with a connector that connects 2 power supplies to your single mobo, however, this connector only turns on your second power supply, so make sure you have some load with it, like hard drives, GPU, your microwave, ETC. So it is feasible.
  3. the stacker does come with a switch which will turn on the second psu when the first is powered on by the power button.

    i would not really suggest that you try to power the video cards from a different psu than what runs the motherboard though as that has been known to cause problems. From what I understand you should run the video cards, cpu and motherboard from one psu and the rest (hdd's, optical drives, fans) from the other. Instead of 2 500w psu's I'd look at getting a 750w and a 400w, which won't cost much more than two 500w and still cost less than a 1000w.
  4. well, i hear there coming out like ocz and other power supply manufactors with seperate video card power supplies that fit in your drive bay, surely if there making them like that then having power come from a differnt source then the motherboard is fine right?
  5. Those DX10 cards that are rumored to consume up to 300 watts - if you go SLI it will cost you between $1000 - $1200 at least right? Possibly more?
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