Windows Live Mail 32 bit on Windows 7 64 bit


I have noticed there are small difference in the way Windows Live Mail 2011 works on Windows 7 64 bit and 32 bit.

One example of such a difference is if you have a Gmail account where you have configured a 'Send Mail As' address.

On Win7 32 bit you can set up the Gmail address, go to properties for the account and change the email address to the 'Send Mail As' email address as defined in Gmail, and it works a treat...

However if you do the same on Win7 64 bit the email is still sent from the Gmail address you specified when you created the account... even after you have made the change...

So my questions are:
- Can anyone verify that there are two different code bases for WLM 2011 (32 and 64 bit)?
- Does anyone know if it is possible to force an installation of WLM 32 bit on a Win7 64 bit system?


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  1. Worked out what the problem is... the email address is case sensitive... if you enter the 'Send Mail As' email address exactly as it is in Gmail it works...
  2. I was going to say, there is no way this could be related to the version of the OS. Glad you fixed it.
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